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Alaina Reed

Bassist - Producer

Reggae Force

Reggae Force – Tune-In

Alaina Reed – Bass Player is the bass player for Reggae Force.  Reggae fans who have been starved for new music from Reggae Force since their three pre-pandemic singles Calling, Ticket to Ride, and  Don’t Worry will have their mouths watering at what’s to come on the band’s debut album Tune In.

There are few acts who manage to combine a conscious message that has the strength of Reggae Force’s lyrics with the undeniable roots, rock, reggae sound that the band is masters of.

The analog, dirty sound means their reggae has the feel that all of the genre’s premier bands should, keeping true to the sonic legacy of their inspirations whilst being brave enough to build on it where it suits.

The band has the right amount of edge with a classic sound that’s set to thrive in the modern day.

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