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Equine Shakti

Equine Sports Massage / Performance Bodywork /                                  Yoga / Shamanic Energy Healing

Alaina has been obsessed with and drawn to horses since she was 8 years old.  After reading, The Black Stallion, she did not dream to do anything else other than ride horses.  Her childhood was spent at the barn after school everyday she could get a ride there.  She learned to ride and enjoyed countless hours brushing, bathing, and just spending time around horses.

Alaina’s horse obsession eventually evolved into the healing potential of the equine relationship.  This healing can happen for both the horse and the rider.  

After a study of shamanic energy work, yoga, meditation, acupressure, and equine massage, she now combines all modalities to help horses recover from both trauma and injury.  Alaina’s equine body work and yoga practice can be viewed in further detail at