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Black Lives Matter

By August 5, 2020No Comments

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I have traveled to Africa twice now. I have been lucky enough to be introduced to some of the most delightful people I have ever met in my life there. I learned so many amazing things about life from a place that is considered the source of life. Mama Africa is the source of all of us, every single person on the planet. The Earth flows with energy so powerful there. It is the place I wish to explore more than anywhere else on the planet. It is the source of music and rhythm and so many things I love about life.
While I was in Africa the sun beat down at an intensity I never felt in my life. Any of my light colored skin that was exposed burned much quicker and more intensely than it ever did in the heat of South Florida or anywhere else I have ever been.
At that moment the truth dawned on me… in order to survive this intense sun my skin would have to darken so that I could have some natural protection like the native African people have. Organic sunscreen provided by Mother Nature! Woohoo amazing!!!
Somehow this amazing skin that can survive the heat of the day in African sun has been beat down and used in a twisted way to divide people into us and them.
I have spent months in some of the most dangerous places of Kingston, Jamaica. I witnessed some of the most extreme monetary poverty in the world. I met some of the most lovely, caring people there that will give you the last $.10 they have and the best of what they own to make you feel welcome. I have been on the street when murders occurred. I have been protected and treated like family.
As a parent of a “bi-racial” child watching people argue and fight about something as superficial as skin color is the most disheartening and ridiculous thing I have ever heard of.
My daughter spends time with people of as many colors and cultures as I can expose her too. I let her marvel in the beauty of the differences between cultures. And the one time in her life she asked me about skin color, I explained to her that the Earth has an equator. The equator is where the sun beats down the longest and strongest and where the weather is the hottest. The closer your ancestors were to the equator the darker their skin had to be to manage the hot sun. Your skin color is a combination of everyone that was your ancestor and it eveolved Into the most perfect, unique, and amazing creation you are. We celebrate how she gets Vitamin D and how beautiful she looks when she gets a darker color during the summer because of her skins natural sunscreen.
We have never had a single racial issue ever ❤️🙏 Bob Marley said it the best
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